ILN Business Meetings in Prague – Czech Republic

ILN Business Meetings in Prague – Czech Republic

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From October 5th to 8th, 2023, Epanty MBANDA, our Managing Partner, actively participated in the International Lawyers Network (ILN) conference held in Prague, Czech Republic. Hosted by PETERKA & PARTNERS, a prominent full-service law firm in Central and Eastern Europe, the event served as a valuable platform for showcasing our firm’s capabilities.

Epanty MBANDA presented insights into our firm’s activities and seized the opportunity to discuss business prospects in Africa, notably Cameroon, in light of the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

The conference covered pivotal topics such as “Embracing the Digital Future: Law Firms and Technology Adoption,” “Law Firm Collaboration with GCs,” and “China’s Personal and Non-Personal Data Law Impact on MNCs in China.” These discussions, moderated by industry experts, including Karolina Šilingienė of Crespect, Manu Kanwar, Founder Director of LexSolutions, and David Pan of Llinks, added significant value to the event.

ILN Business Meetings in Prague – Czech Republic

4M Legal & Tax, a leading law firm in Cameroon, excels in providing expert legal, regulatory-compliance, and tax advisory services. Renowned for agility, creativity, and forward-thinking, our firm delivers seamless and tailored solutions for complex legal issues. Our Risk-Based Approach, implemented by an experienced team, ensures the success of clients’ projects in Africa.

As a member of the ILN, 4M Legal & Tax aligns with 91 high-quality, full-service law firms, boasting over 5,000 lawyers globally. This affiliation empowers us to offer easily accessible legal services in 67 countries across six continents.

Elevate your legal experience with 4M Legal & Tax, your trusted partner for expert counsel and comprehensive solutions.

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