Investment Opportunities in Cameroon for 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Investment Opportunities in Cameroon for 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

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As we embark on a new year, it’s essential to explore the investment landscape in Cameroon. In his annual address, the President of the Republic of Cameroon highlighted the priority sectors for investment in the upcoming year.

This blog post aims to provide valuable insights into the investment opportunities in Cameroon for 2024, focusing on natural resources and infrastructure projects.

Investment Opportunities in Cameroon

Cameroon: A Promising Landscape for Investors

Cameroon, located in Central Africa, presents a vibrant and dynamic investment landscape for 2024. With a growing economy, strategic geographic position, and abundant natural resources, Cameroon offers diverse opportunities for both local and international investors. As a business lawyer here at 4m Legal and Tax Law Firm, I will provide a detailed overview of the investment opportunities in Cameroon, highlighting the advantages and key sectors to consider. Here is an overview of the strategic areas you can invest in Cameroon.

1. Natural Resources Investment Priority Areas

  • Mining: Exploitation of the Kribi-Lobe iron ore, including constructing an iron enrichment plant, a pipeline spanning approximately 20 kilometers, and a 60-megawatt power plant.
  • Mining: Commencement of the Mbalam-Nabeba iron deposit project, involving developing a 540-kilometer railway line and the construction of a mineral terminal at the Kribi Port.
  • Mining: Exploitation of the Bipindi-Grand Zambi iron ore, featuring establishing an iron and steel complex for local iron processing, the construction of a pipeline, and various necessary facilities.

2. Water and Energy Investment Priority Areas

  • Energy: Commissioning Phase I of the Nachtigal Hydropower Dam and initiating efforts to connect the South and North interconnected grids.
  • Energy: Construction of new energy infrastructure and the promotion of solar energy development, especially in the northern regions of Cameroon.
  • Water: Completion of the project supplying drinking water to the City of Yaounde and its environs from River Sanaga.
  • Water: Advancement of procedures to launch a mega-project for supplying drinking water to the City of Douala and its surrounding areas.
  • Water: Construction of water production facilities in both urban and rural localities

3. Other Investment Priority Areas

  • Promotion of “Made in Cameroon” products.
  • Coordination of the import-substitution policy implementation.

4. Infrastructure Investment Priority Areas

  • Roads: Construction of approximately 700 kilometers of roads, including asphalting the Ebolowa-Akom II-Kribi stretch.
  • Roads: Resumption of construction work on the Mora-Dabanga-Kousseri, Babadjou-Bamenda, and Kumba-Ekondo Titi road sections.
  • Roads: Launching construction work on the urban section of the Yaounde-Nsimalen motorway.
  • Roads: Accelerating progress on the Douala-Yaounde motorway.
  • Air: Rehabilitation and modernization of the Tiko, Bertoua, and Kribi airports.

Advantages of Investing in Cameroon in 2024

1. Strategic Location

Cameroon’s central location in Africa makes it a strategic gateway to both the West and Central African markets. It is commonly called “Africa In Miniature” because it is a combination of every part of Africa in one place. Investors can benefit from access to a large regional market with over 300 million potential consumers.

2. Growing Economy

With a GDP growth rate averaging around 4% in recent years, Cameroon’s economy is on an upward trajectory. The government’s focus on diversification and industrialization presents new opportunities for investors across various sectors.

3. Government Support and Incentives

The Cameroonian government actively promotes foreign investment through various incentives, including tax exemptions, reduced tariffs, and investment-friendly policies. The annual Cameroon Business Forum serves as a platform for dialogue between the government and investors, fostering a conducive investment climate.

4. Abundant Natural Resources

Cameroon’s wealth of natural resources, including oil, gas, minerals, and agricultural products, offers extensive investment opportunities. The country’s commitment to sustainable resource management ensures long-term viability and profitability.

5. Stable Political Environment

Cameroon has maintained relative political stability, which is crucial for investment. The government’s efforts to improve governance and transparency further enhance the country’s attractiveness to investors.

6. Skilled Workforce

Cameroon boasts a young and educated workforce, providing a pool of talent for businesses across various industries. Investment in education and vocational training ensures a steady supply of skilled labor.

7. Investment in Key Sectors

Investment in priority areas such as natural resources, water and energy, infrastructure, and ICT offers high potential returns and contributes to the country’s economic development. The government’s focus on these sectors ensures ongoing support and opportunities for growth.


Investing in Cameroon in 2024 presents a wealth of opportunities across diverse sectors, from natural resources and energy to infrastructure and ICT. With its strategic location, growing economy, and supportive government policies, Cameroon is an attractive destination for investors seeking high returns and sustainable growth. The country’s commitment to improving its investment climate, combined with its abundant natural resources and skilled workforce, makes it a prime destination for those looking to invest in Cameroon and capitalize on its promising future.

By capitalizing on these investment prospects, you can contribute to Cameroon’s development while securing profitable returns. Stay updated with the latest developments and seize the opportunities that arise in this dynamic investment landscape.

Remember, thorough research, due diligence, and professional guidance are crucial when exploring investment opportunities in Cameroon or any other country.

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